Peter Ivers Band

Peter Ivers was born in Illinois and raised in Brookline, Massachusetts and had a tremendous talent on the harmonica. He studied classical languages at Harvard University and then chose a career in music. His first album, Knight of the Blue Communion, featured Yolande Baven and was released on Epic in 1969. Take It Out On Me, his second album on Epic, featured a Marvin Gaye cover, Ain't That Peculia, that briefly entered the Top 100 Singles Billboard charts in 1971. Peter signed with Warner Bros, for his next two albums. For the David Lynch Film, Eraserhead, Ivers wrote "In Heaven (The Lady in the Radiator Song)," which became the most popular composition of the soundtrack. He died in 1983.


Peter Ivers Band is featured in The Music Edition, Guest Editor, Jonathan Galkin / DFA

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