Katja von Helldorff

Born in Brussels in 1979, Katja grew up in a Belgian-German-Jewish family. She moved to Berlin in 1999, where she studied at the Art Academy of Weissensee. During her studies the artists Vaginal Davis, Alice Creischer and Pauline Boudry greatly inspired her. Katja exhibited across Europe and in Buenos Aires from 2005 to present. She is currently working on a "milieu study" drawn on metal plates with dry paint. The series portray artists, cultural producers, and activists, who are connected to Katja and represent her references in the Berlin cultural scene.

Katja von Helldorff was nominated by Vaginal Davis.


Piss Göttin -excerpt
Automatic City -from Leiseylento
Tango de Mierda -from Leiseylento
Juicy Boy -from Leiseylento
The Rock -from Leiseylento
both sides of the mirror, (2012)
der turm, (2012)
hermaphrodite, (2012)
Leiseylento performance, photo by Katrin Albrecht
Ms. Davis, (2012)
The Great Pissing Goddess, (2011)