Kaoru Hirano

Kaoru Hirano is a Japanese contemporary artist best known for her painstaking unravelling of fibers from old clothing and other fabrics. Hirano was born in Nagasaki and received her PhD from Hiroshima City University. In 2010, she received a fellowship from POLA ART FOUNDATION in Berlin, Germany where she currently lives and works. She had her first overseas solo exhibition at KUMUKUMU gallery in New York in 2009.



Kaoru Hirano is featured in Sanbusaku 3 三部作

Untitled - Slip detail, 2007
Untitled Slip, 2007
Untitled mother and baby, 2008
Untitled - lingerie, 2008
Untitled - brides detail, 2012
Untitled brides, 2012
Untitled - red slip, 2008
Untitled - grandmother detail, 2009
Untitled grandmother, 2009